Babcia and the Seven Spirits

Babcia was my Polish grandmother. She remains around me in the Spirit world. She is both within and outside of me. She inspires me and guides me. There are silver stars embedded into the painting, when the light catches them, Babcia is smiling. The squares and circles reveal other spirits floating around in their own spaces.

4 Comments on “Babcia and the Seven Spirits”

  1. Thank you Jan for sharing with us such intimate artwork, well appreciated. Your description touches the heart but merely looking at the artwork without reading the description, viewer can miss out your deep feeling toward your dear grandmother. There are three elements which are; you, grandmother and the outer world, where I see other circles in the painting which are probably, presenting the seven spirits. Focusing on what you feel and express it clearly, in lesser shapes and expressive colors, would have conveyed strongly, your subject and motivated viewers. With my best wishes

  2. Hard to catch the link with the theme at first sight. Nonetheless I love your work within the material with scraped layers & thickness additions. The color harmony is delicate and exhale a joyfull atmosphere. Wanna see more..

  3. You have made this composition work by putting the rectangle in the middle. Without it the canvas segments into two compositions. Your choice of colors and fluid shapes embody the spiritual aspect of your theme interpretation. Overall the work is intriguing for the viewer and maintains the viewer’s attention.
    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Hello Jan, Thank you for your submission this month. I clearly enjoyed the many layers and intimate details in your art work. That it is a tribute to your Grandmother Babcia makes this even more special. It is really hard to photograph silver so I believe that your artwork truly does sparkle even though it cannot be clearly seen in this photo. I appreciate the delicacy of this art work as well as the light touch in your technique of applying the media. I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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