Night Window

It is intended to describe a portal from this world into another. Maybe Into our souls in our minds into the unexpected, into the unknown. It is something for the viewer to think about to wonder. Can one stare at the 2 dimensional into the fourth dimensional?

8 Comments on “Night Window”

  1. Thank you Benjamin for sharing your artwork with us. Good observation and good equations with title matches the theme of the exhibition. You have chosen loud colors around the night window to create the contrast (the outer) where the normal person would have chosen darker colors or dark blue to add the feeling of the title “Night window” It is interesting to see it from your personal perspective and I would add another question; why these colors! Can viewer read your thoughts when looking at this artwork or feel how you felt!? I wonder.! Since art is international langue where viewers do not need to speak same language yet, still get the feeling and the meaning of the artwork, therefore, it must be out spoken naturally. My best wishes to you.

  2. A striking statement that perfectly illustrates the theme to the most concise way; It’s a punch!
    Yes, the choice for this yellow & orange is daring but right for it generates a strong & vibrating wave in contrast with the inert dark blue.
    The choice for this orange I see much like a necessity; On one hand it makes the yellow shine to the most, on the other hand it plays the role of transitional element, balancing it all, making it all.
    I did well receive this minimalist mandala..

  3. Your use of blue violet for the center square invites the viewers imaginings while the use of the pale rose and yellow keep it from suggesting a void. This piece has a welcoming intensity and itis vibrant in a meditative sense. The melding of the pale rose and yellow enhance the composition by putting the emphasis on the central vocal point of the image.

  4. Hello Benjamin. Thank you for your art work submission. The theme of inner – outer is definitely captured within your painting! Working with a square is very tricky and you have succeeded in keeping the art work symmetrical so congrats for this! In the photo of your art work the center appears black but I am pretty sure that the original has a blue or green within it which would really give the painting depth. I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

  5. Thank you so much everybody. I love hearing from you all and your points of view. Sometimes I get so caught up in my art that I completely disregard some of its meaning or purpose. I strongly feel when I did this piece it was primarily from my subconscious. The uncertainty of what lies ahead ones future.

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