It is a artwork not so much of a medical problem – fear of enclosed space. It is more about the internal state, the desire to go beyond the limits and barriers that limit the ability of man. It is the fear of the conditions and people destroying aspirations, hope and new knowledge

4 Comments on “Claustrophobia”

  1. Thanks Nina for submitting your artwork. Title is suitable to the exhibition’s theme. The idea is creative, thoughtful and fresh taking us to your rich imagination with playful colors presenting the contradicted desires in oneself and its limitations while facing certain barriers. Good job and my best wishes.

  2. You share well the “claustrophobia” feeling through this processed image materialized by the endless oppressive corridor that creates the man looking at its self, refracting its own image & limits to the infinite with no escape.
    You’ve created a psychological space, powerful & very expressionist.
    I love very much your interpretation. Though I’ve got a little regret for the crudeness of colours you generally master so much.
    Always waiting for your sendings with much interest..

  3. I am assuming that the process has distorted the image not the colors. Your composition, color proportions, enhance the theme and the composition with the flow being restricted by the strong reds. The way you present the open field of depth on the left of the image and the restricted tunnel effect receding into the right portion of the painting conveys the claustrophobic feeling. This is a very interesting well executed work. I would like to see the original oil painting.

  4. Hello Nina. Your art work is very fascinating and my sense is that this creation just may work in various positions; horizontal or vertical! The claustrophobia is well described within your art work and is very suitable to the theme this month. Thank you for your submission and I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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