Divided Space

I was lying on the earth , looking up into the infiniting sky . their was this beutiful endless blue sky over my head divided into two by iron- masive iron. the space wasn’t infinitive anymore. it was divided to two. everything was divided- heaven and earth. matirial and non-matirial. even up in the sky. even the infinit space.

4 Comments on “Divided Space”

  1. Thank you Ora for sharing with us your interesting vision! your artwork title is suitable to the exhibition’s theme. And the selected colors are attractive and eye catching. As for the composition/shape of the main object, looks interesting to read your perception and see it in painting how you came to vision it as divided square box while the sky, where infinity exists, and is full of totally different shapes of circles and stars!. Keep your creativity alive and my best wishes

  2. Very impressive with a skilled use of tones of blue, vibrant and strong contrasted with a subtle complimentary background creating a sculpted effect with a good sense of composition. I look forward to seeing more of your images.

  3. The strong point is the great presence of this unidentifyed object due to the intensity of blue from one hand & due due to the close-up view that brings texture on the other hand. The principle for creating a positive/negative play between the mass of the object & the divided surfaces surrounding it is interesting.
    Because it’s a photograph I would be inclined to search for an erudite composition; No doubt this geometrical shape requires & offers different possible positions within the field to manage fine proportions; Your went for a frontal view, like a portrait.
    I would be interested to see further explorations from that vein that doesn’t seems to be usually yours ( by seeing your FB page; Please correct me if I’m wrong..); This probably required instant creativity & deserves congratulations.

  4. Hello Ora, Your painting works well for the topic of inner and outer this month. I like your colors and the warm colors around the edges of the main shape work well to bring our eye into that area. The deepest blue is really filled with mystery and strength. Thank you very much for your submission this month and I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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