GICAS Panel of jurors with our Monthly theme TEAMS – Aims & Objectives



  Renata ReneeRanjan



Mike helm

Vered Terry

Ursha Mercia



Our objectives for each artists taking part in our monthly theme exhibitions in submitting work for commenting by our panel of International jurors as a process of learning and improve the standard of work that each artists has potential of achieving.

By sharing with you a copy of our panel of jurors scores sheet you all will appreciate the different category that each juror used to mark points against your work. The total scores are added for each monthly exhibition were the top three winning artists announced accordingly.

We are always seeking ways to improve our monthly on line theme exhibition to make it more interesting and challenging to everyone participating. We would like to share with you one of the possibilities is to consider qualification scheme for each artist for their chosen skill and medium. We will share further development later in the year once we have the clear understanding how best to implement the change for the benefit of each member.


 The scoring categories are as follows:

1. Originality / Creativity

2. Material Skill / Technique

3. Perspective

4, Colour / Tonal Values

5. light / Shadow

6. Composition

7. Balance / Rhythm

8. Quality

9. Presentation

10. Overall Impact.

For each category jurors are able to award points from 1-10

In the interest of maintaining high standards for our on line monthly theme exhibitions the panel International of jurors together with new jurors would complete a review of our scoring & commenting process, and apply any improvement necessary over a period.

I also take this opportunity in thanking all the members who have been active every month in completing new works and entering their work for each show. I hope our development of wanting to better our standard of ART continue and look forward to following your progress into 2014

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