Inside Ouyside

4 Comments on “Inside Ouyside”

  1. Thanks Karen for submitting this interesting artwork. Title is suitable to the theme of the exhibition, selection of colors is harmoniously beautiful, the idea is different which makes it outstanding. And what makes it interesting is that even though, there are objects / thoughts or might be feeling going inside and outside yet, they all are still within same shapes of rectangles or squares which unify the overall painting giving each section different tones of colors and textures, to avoid a monotonous look, while keeping another texture / effect as the main background. Well done and best wishes.

  2. A very interesting work indeed, for more than one reason. And very pleasant for his warm tones.
    This is rich & complete while playing both with repeated order & random. The repeated rectangles & the overall “tire marks” pattern set the rythm & makes the whole field look like woven out of different textile previously knotted, tainted, bleached then spotted. Transparencies of inks & silk make it light & precious.
    We got very much the impression for a refined textile & wish to feel it with a touch.
    We would definately love to see more of your works. Congratulations..

  3. A difficult composition combining geometric and fliud forms. Well executed with an intriguing arrey of colors and forms capturing the interest of the viewer. The band of gold and the concentration of reds and violet balance the work beautifully.

  4. Hello Karen, I do appreciate the colors that you have used, in particular the soft earth colors and the overall blue colors which give the viewer an immediate sense of interior and exterior. This is very good and in keeping with the theme this month of inner – outer! I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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