Diving into the SEA

4 Comments on “Diving into the SEA”

  1. I like the innocence of the idea but wonder if diving into the sea is equally to diving in the inner or in the outer? I appreciate your imagination and you could have also imagined how deep the colors are in the sea where some areas can be dark or have some light coming through from the top to add dimension and depth or order to make the viewer feela as was diving into the sea. Thank you Jelica and best wishes.

  2. I would like to see this work in a larger format to really appreciate your sense of color which is very good. I get the impresion that you have a great composition that cries to be expanded and I compliment you on the effect that makes me feel the surface is fluid and penetrable. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. I love your choice for a view “from above” in order to present the shimmering light on the surface of the sea facing the viewer; By the way he could identify himself with a dolphin in a full jump.
    As far as I can judge, I would have wished further colored researches as you chose it for main subject in your watercolor ( a rich medium for that..)
    Please Jelica, for God’s sake, try to post bigger & no so tagged; It’s very damaging!

  4. Hello Jelica! Thank you very much for your submission. I really enjoy the variety and placement of the colors. I too would have appreciated seeing this art work more closely! Two choices for you, if you wish to have choices about working on a square canvas! This is quite tricky to pull off and one of your choices is to use symmetry, that is both sides are exactly equal. Otherwise, non-symmetry requires an uneven arrangement of parts, such as l, 3. 5, 7. I hope this is helpful and I wish you much success in all you do! Laara WilliamSen

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