conceptually explores the theme of inner and outer space and the existence of resonating linkages between and within micro and macro dimensions of space. The “French curve” drafting tool (a curved architects tool for drawing lines that flow in and out), is used in the composition as a transitioning image between representational forms and conceptually abstract elements.

4 Comments on “Labyrinth”

  1. Thank you Donald for the very interesting conceptual abstract work expressing the connection between inner and outer space delivered in such harmonious set of colors while contrast still alive. In addition, there is originality in the idea and the title is suitable with the exhibition theme. Best wishes

  2. Donald,it’s hard to resist your mastery & totally original concept. The traditional painting is sunk under the physical evidence of a natural, cosmic phenomenon. The composition seems to be both a fruit from deep knowledge & nature unpredictability.
    Your sumptuous palette displays rich tones swivelling down to the “maelstrom” managing concentration & acceleration effects while moving. Your painted surface looks pretty much like enamel in various translucency..
    A “tour de force”…Thank you!

  3. This is a composition with intuitive appeal with aspects of the golden rule complimented by a rythmic dance of color. If this is a layrinth it is as fliud as the gaseous clouds of space, however it does retain the promise of the labyrinth as it retains the viewer in its ether. Very well executed.

  4. Hello Don, I really appreciate this painting for the overall composition and the sense of mystery it conveys. Using the blues really takes the viewer to another dimension – it feels like another Universe out there! The gradation of tones in the rest of the painting is very beautiful and subtle. Labyrinth – it is with many exotic places to roam. Thanks for your contribution to this exhibition. Best Wishes, Laara WilliamSen

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