Wild Mountain Thyme

I submitted this work because reflections make me think about the meaning of reality and mountains give me a sense of time and space: the awesome power of nature and our relationship within it. This oil painting on canvas is based on Lake Buttermere in the Lake District, UK.

4 Comments on “Wild Mountain Thyme”

  1. You have chosen an interesting corner of the lake looking at the mountains with such curving shore, good job. You definitely, got us feel the space in your painting, but I was not sure what time it was of the day or of the year! Had you emphasised on that by adding more light, certain colors of the time or some extra shadows, it would have made the painting more real as you do care for reality. You could have also paid more attention to the proportion of the far back tress, as they look too tall in comparison to the huge mountains, again if you wish to paint realistically.

    Your passion for art is apparent, so keep it alive and observe the surrounding longer for improvement. Best wishes

  2. We can feel a sincere love for nature & reality. & genuine honesty as well. Nonetheless, I will be probably enough critical. You got a good feeling for space. But your view seems like encased in a format too small; Your mountain,huge (..& doubled) needs a little breathe.
    The reflections of the mountain, & trees as well is not in agreement with the distance you’ve suggested.
    We seach also for a little contrast to animate the masses. You seems to affectionate blue; So do I.
    With my encouragements.

  3. Good work on the lead in of the shore line. I would ask if you painted this on site. Generally the reflections are darker than the object reflected. I get the impression that shoreline is shallow and would indicate a mergin of shore and water showing some indication of stones just under the water. You have created atmospheric perspective primarily with tonal qualities in lieu of color variation. Your foreground of rocks receeding into the work is excellent and overal you have a very good color sense and with some light dark changes the overall impact could be even better. If you are not painting out doors from time to time, I urge you to do so and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Hello Heatherbell, Thank you for your submission this month. I appreciate your color mixing and I see the edge of an art language within the boulders, stones in the left hand corner and how you painted your mountains. Perhaps, you will notice this too and my comment may help you to develop more of your art language. You have done an excellent work in these areas. Most of all please follow your own creative process. Be true to yourself and choose to paint often and whichever way feels right to you. Good job! I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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