Mine Dzi 2

the second of a series of images based on eyes. I am presenting this work as a doorway bertween two spaces the inner mind and the outer world. I am 57, a self taught artist working in multi media, and making my public debut this year

4 Comments on “Mine Dzi 2”

  1. Thanks Dave for submitting your artwork. I could see the inner space is protected by the red oval as the source of energy looking to the outer world and see it all flowery and happy. It is interesting to see how you perceive the outer world from your inner which seems colorful yet, calm while the outer is kind of crowded. The idea is suitable to the theme of the exhibition. Best wishes

  2. This is an evolving piece, whimsical in part and mysterious. The variety in your array of greens compliment the violets and reds and meld to the focal point of the picture. I would love to see this piece without the figures and flowers as it has so much streangth without them.

  3. I feel attraction for your universe; A spontaneous mix of popular & naive art, fairy tales & traditional representation.
    The composition is rather traditional, borrowing to ancient arts but the harmony in green & violet is vibrant & daring. Obviously it’s a birth under achievement & I would be interested in seeing the further developpements.

  4. Hello Dave. Thanks for your entry into the exhibition. I love your use of colors and the central rhythm (or where our eye travels into and around the art work.) This is a neat device or technique used often by artists who purposely create a “static” rhythm to keep the viewers eye in the center of the painting. This painting has that quality as I find myself drawn back to the eye over and over again. This makes your painting very powerful! Very best wishes, Laara WilliamSen

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