Mother Earth – 2011

….relationship between ‘negative space’ and ‘positive space’ both as strong and as important…..

6 Comments on “Mother Earth – 2011”

  1. An excellent choice of stone, soft mysterious, warm, complimented by cool shadows. I can imagine it’s beauty from any angle. The shape is not strained or artificial. It is a reflection of nature and her ability to change the environment even stone.

  2. A classical treatment for this theme; The smooth curves & movement, the color of the stone close to the color of the flesh make it quite an organic thing. I appreciate your polish, softening the angles & offering a silky play of light upon the surface. I wish to have appreciated it from every side; I guess we will have soon this opportunity.
    A good work, with quality.

  3. Hello Vinka! Your skill in sculpting soap stone is excellent. The negative spaces are totally integrated with the sculpture itself! The overall form of this sculpture is very sensual and yet grounded. There is a purity or innocence that is captured in the sculpture which speaks of your authentic art language. I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

  4. This is truly beautiful Vinka. I have of course seen this piece in your studio, but I am able to look at it again in the context of negative and positive space; a fine interpretation of this theme. A well deserved ‘Merit Award’.

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