Biding my Time by Susie McKay Krieser

In an effort to continue with the Da Vinci experiment, I made this painting using the sponge rollers to create a feeling of sculpture. This painting includes vibrant color to add to the affect. I also made a larger scale painting, to push myself even further.


Title of work Biding My Time

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 90 X 228 cm or 36 X 72 inches
Style: Abstract Figurative
Technique, Medium & material used Acrylic on Canvas
Date: November 2013

“Biding my Time”, Acrylic on Canvas, 91 X 228 cm or 36 X 90 inches.
Continuing with the Da Vinci experiment theme, using only foam rollers to “sculpt” a painting, this time I incorporated vibrant color and a larger scale to the artwork. I find this whole process of breaking out of my minimalistic and clean approach to painting very invigorating and exciting. I am loving the process and making a huge mess of my studio, which is really fun!

4 Comments on “Biding my Time by Susie McKay Krieser”

  1. Evolved and beautifully executed, as this work is a testament to your effort. Your technique wonderfully expresses your ability to define the image with such great contrasts in light values and striking separation of color and yet still maintaining subtle tonal changes. Your composition exhibits an excellent segmentation of the canvas creating a unique and interesting image.

  2. The larger scale and vibrant colors create a wonderfully well balanced composition. I appreciate the sculptural aspect of your painting and that you are working with your creative process in such an authentic way! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. I love the high format which magnifies the subject to the monumental scale. Your paint roll technique shapes it accordingly through large flats of colours tending to abstract. The rendering is alike cut-out papers ( Matisse proved it’s not a minor genre..). & you composed it through your colour display; Each strong color seems to get its pale equivalent somewhere. I love as well your tone-on-tone shading. The same image under two different titles could have been an empty figure of style but no, it’s relevant for your idea. Time, time 2 is hanged around time…You seems to have enjoy doing it & you convey it; please keep on ! Thanks as well for your complete presentation..

  4. Thank you, Peter, Laara and Didier, for taking the time to critique my artwork. I really appreciate your comments and expertise! ICAS is my inspiration to progress, pushing myself into new territory. Now that I have been painting with rollers, I am going to paint a mural on a 6-7 story building on skid row in downtown Los Angeles, making the image huge. This will be scary, fun, exciting and ultimately, rewarding.

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