Emotion image 1 by Puskin EH

My new painting, ‘No Limit’ was created from inspiration by looking at a dust filled iron window grill- a random subject, selected as a ‘DA VINCI’S TECHNIQUE/METHOD’. I visualized the image as a ‘boundary’ existing between me and an open space/world or between me and my neighbor/society and such realities constantly there as forcing me to stay ‘inside’ or protecting me from ‘something/someone’- extreme emotional thoughts! Why we, the human beings, the most intelligent being in the known universe buying more padlock than art? sensing more fear than merriment? because we too are species and life is much more biological than ideological. In my work, ‘No Limit’, I tried to reconstruct the portion of the iron grill to a gigantic frontier covering most space of the art work. The artist conquers the frontier as a free man as explaining to the viewer/world that artists have no limits to creativity.


Title of work ‘NO LIMIT’

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 22 CM X 22 CM

Technique, Medium & material used MULTI MEDIUM/DIGITAL PAINTING

Date : 11/18/2013

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