Emotion image 2 by Puskin EH

4 Comments on “Emotion image 2 by Puskin EH”

  1. This Leonardo challenge has born fruit as is evident in this work that was inspired through deep thought and came to a brilliant composition. Your statement and your creation dramatically depict the modern day plague of humanity. Your colors and light values dramatize the escape and praise the paradise of freedom. It is as emphatic a statement for these times as the adornments placed in the cathedral of the past.

  2. Your stated intention has been achieved in both of these excellent compositions. I felt immediately in the first composition the sense of being behind the bars, with no immediate possibility of escape as emphasized by the cobwebs. No one has past through here in a long time. Yet in the second composition, I see a conquering soul crossing the bars, not without risk as the red color flows and the sharp points are overcome. Well done and thank you for your submission.

  3. First be thanked for your enlightening presentation; Much appreciated. Interesting to note your choice for an ideological tool in the form of a propaganda poster with all the characteristics of simplicity, impact, colours ( red/Black/white offering maximum contrast), till the use of photomontage we could have found on soviet or vietnamese specimens. Only the expected slogan is missing, replaced by the act of painting overlaying limits & opposites. A silent bill so, less keen on convincing than showing the way of practice.
    What else to say but you display great conceptual & aesthetical coherence. Great work, congratulations..

  4. Thank you Peter Flizmaier, Laara WilliamSen and Didier Dubuy for your beautiful critiques on my work ‘No Limit’. Undoubtedly you all are proved that, writing on art is virtually art making!
    Kind regards. Pushkin eh

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