Obama portrait by Pablo Hernandez

2 Comments on “Obama portrait by Pablo Hernandez”

  1. The format of using the flag and monumental base as pat of the work is an interesting and creative enhancement of the portrait. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil is a pictorial statement that could perhaps have been enhanced with a short statement from the artist. Unfortunately since this work was completed in 2011 it does not qualify for scoring. I look forward to seeing your next entry and urge you to complete the submittal application and remind you that in any other exhibition venue your work would not be shown based on your failure to comply with the rules.

  2. Jacques Barzun wrote in “The Use and Abuse of Art” that there are seven reasons for making art and of course one of these is political. This composition falls into that category and seems to be a well composed satire. I agree with Peter that perhaps a statement along with the art work would have helped us to gather your intention. The theme this month is Emotions and I don’t really see this but I honor your creative process very much.

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