Please Let me tell you something by Ni;kka Why

Artwork from the serie ` Cradle of hallucinations ` by nikkawhy prints available online


Title of work `Please let me tell you something `
Size of work A4 – 21x30cm

Style new media

Technique, Medium & material used 3 different colour markers
Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2013

Please let me tell you something ` – author media on paper A4 , 2013

3 Comments on “Please Let me tell you something by Ni;kka Why”

  1. It is interesting and the definition of three colors such as these add an element of variation in the intensity of the lines. Your approach is similar to a gesture drawing which indicates a spontaneity in execution. However there is an indication that you were too involved in the process particularly in the red line as there is an indication of hesitation in the flow of the line. The ideal means of perfecting gestural work is to practice allowing you hand to follow the image in your mind without looking at the paper. I look forward to seeing more of your work

  2. Thank you for submitting your interesting drawing. Within the lines I see the faces of fish and their fin like arms with fingers reaching out to possibly – dragonflies! It does seem as if these figures are striving to teach something or be heard. I hope to see more of your art work.

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