you and me unconditional love by Joseph Hare

Title of work You And Me

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 11 by 14 inches

Style : realism

Technique, Medium & material used Mixed Media-Water color paper acrylic Gloss Medium

Date : 11/10/13

3 Comments on “you and me unconditional love by Joseph Hare”

  1. The dog’s expression is so indicative of love and beautifully composed in you image. Your use of the space is interesting and pleasing in particular with the lack of any extraneous elements that would distract from the theme.

  2. Thanks for your submission. I love the way you have cropped this image so that we fully see the doggy’s eye focused on the person he loves! I appreciate your skill in using acrylic gloss medium on the mixed media water color paper. Well done.

  3. Very lovely painting full of tenderness; The dog almost seems to shiver.. The diagonal composition is well balanced & the isolated mass for the head & the neck up right specially interesting. I like the painterly treatment of the hair & the pink collar is the master’s touch. Well done..

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