02a-3-Atisha large

2 Comments on “02a-3-Atisha large”

  1. We need to have the details of media, size of the art work and the date of completion. This is a beautiful painting reminiscent of icons, history, and middle eastern religion. I hope to see more of your art work in the future

  2. To my eye this work is derivative, overly stylised and overtly ornamental in its technical appropriation of an ancient mastery, leaving it absent of depth and the meaning it seemingly seeks to convey. While well excuted it lacks, for me, the storytelling pathos of iconographic symbolism that culturally originates in works of this style, historic period and medium. This work lacks an essential emotive impetus that would otherwise distinguish it from decorative/curio kind of work. It is too detached from both expressionist sentiment as well as figurative realism to be anything other than modular, if not merely emblematic. It distills nothing of peace for me, in the viewing of it. It feels as if it is trying too hard …

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