This is one image of 27 images form the Dialogue for Global Peace Project.

Title of work Atisha

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 24″x 36″

Style Expressionism , realism
Technique, Medium & material used egg tempera

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 11 / 2011

4 Comments on “02a-3-Atisha”

  1. Your work takes me back to in or around the 12th century and by that mean, I enjoy the imperfection of the figures more so /hands/ legs; Seeing the full series of work, gave me a broader perspective and understanding of the depth of your research which gives and extra value to your work. Art was always one of the best tool for self realization;

  2. This is very well executed work in egg tempera and is well balanced with a beautiful harmony of colors and light values. Unfortunately it is more than one year old so it can not be scored. The criteria for submittals requires an entry to have been completed in the last twelve months. Please submit a work for the next theme exhibition that is within the twelve month envelope.

  3. I can’t consider your sending as fitting for “realism”, traditional religious representations being from a different nature. There are generally made to convey their grace & receive devotion within community or private context, where they belong. Sorry, I don’t figure out myself scoring your lovely painting, nor commenting it, as I confess my ignorance on the buddhist matter.

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