artist JP Canale

It´s all about the eyes. This particular portrait is really close to me, since it´s my nice and the first one I do on this dimensions. This being said, the challenge of capturing her essence is much harder. So I focused on her eyes to filter the noise of the organic face and capture her true nature.
Title of work Portrait

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 175*140 cm.

Style Realism

Technique, Medium & material used Oil on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) august 2013

8 Comments on “artist JP Canale”

  1. Excellent. You have achieved what you wanted to. The eyes convey the fallings behind hidden face; figuratively you have succeeded

  2. Excellent. you have achieved what you wanted to; The Eyes convey the feelings behind the hidden face. figuratively you have succeeded.

  3. This is a very captivating portrait and I appreciate your skill in using oil paints. The balance of the figure is set off to the left of the canvas and the arms are gently faded out. The viewer may see the face more intensely if the right side of the canvas were cropped and the arms extended to the bottom of the canvas because this would help to bring rhythm and direct the viewer’s eye upward. However, you may have had your own creative reasons for composing this painting exactly this way and I do honor your creative process! Beautiful work! I hope to see more of your art works.

  4. I like the work, the scarf well done calling for greater hair details; right hand melting into emptiness is not justified, inviting further work on the right side of the canvas;

  5. Your light values and colors create a great impact which unfortunately is diminished by too much canvas on the right side of the piece. The technique is very accomplished and the eyes and hands are very expressive. Extending the left arm through the canvas would enhance the balance / composition. I look forward to seeing your next portrait.

  6. Congratulations on a beautifully crafted work. The simplicity of line and texture set against a tonal palette of greys with this framed burst of red is gorgeous. An elusive, yet compelling and very memorable moment. The evocative storytelling of her eyes speaks of accomplished and authentic artistry. Lovely without being sentimental.

  7. I value the coherence in this work, minimal means rendering maximum effect. I can’t prevent myself going to & fro from the intensity of her looks to the intense colour of the red veil. The shoulder although suggested only is quite present, balancing effectively her two hands. The image was strong enough & self-sufficient to have avoided an out of center composition which adds nothing more to it but a feeling for being a “style figure”.
    I would be glad seing soon another little miracle. Congratulations.

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