artist Susie McKay Krieser

I am entering this piece as both the monthly theme and as a part of the Da Vinci Experiment. Since Leonardo Da Vinci was a sculptor, I decided to try to sculpt a painting, using only 3″ sponge rollers to apply the paint. I started from the outside of the page, pushing inward with the rollers, to achieve a feeling of sculpting the form. At the end, I used the rollers to add definition to the inside of the form. This acrylic painting was the result.

Title of work Back To Black

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 26″ X 40″

Style Abstract Figurative

Technique, Medium & material used Acrylic Paint on Paper

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) October 2013

4 Comments on “artist Susie McKay Krieser”

  1. Thanks for your submission. Congratulations on your successful use of the rollers. This is a very gestural work with a good rhythm following the light areas along the figure. I hope to see more of your art works.

  2. I looked at your website and it looks like this work is the beginning of something new, more physical vs. the pop flatness; I like the direction and look forward seeing how your old work and currant research will eventually merge;

  3. And a wonderful result it is. The design element in your use of the space is excellent and your light values create a substantial impact. I really like the feel of the spontaneity that reflects a freshness of nothing over worked. Very good.

  4. Thank you for the precise description of your process which certainly requires spontaneity but a good knowledge of the human body & a sure gesture. I suppose a little physical engagement as well. Your use of lights makes it very plastic, like expected. waiting for the pleasure to see more from you.

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