Bahia by Jose Maria

Bahía: 2013. Mixed media on canvas LIGÜERI Exposiciones 2013: MUSEO DE CEUTA. Ligüeri. 2012: CINEP Rio de Janeiro. “A cidade e o rio”. 2012: NEUROMANCIA en Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto. 2013: EL PEÑOL, Colombia: Expo HOMBRE- PIEDRA- AGUA. 2013: La Sombra de la Sierpe” Círculo del Arte de Toledo. 2013: Hidranatura; Arte y agua. Facultad de Educación, Badajoz. 2013 Ver@cidades” mostra através da fotografia e pintura. Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco (Univasf), Campus Sede, em Petrolina (PE). BRASIL 2013: ON.OFF Sala de Exposiciones. Instituto Piaget. Viseu. Portugal. VISEU-PORTUGAL. 2013: Campus Stellae , LEÓN- España. Exposición: CIELO. 1995: Exposición Colectivo Internacional. John Mackintosh Hall Gibraltar. 1995: Exposición Colectivo Internacional. Casa de la Cultura Algeciras. 1995: Exposición Colectivo Internacional. Casino Militar Ceuta. 1995: Exposición Colectivo Internacional. Instituto Cervantes Tanger. 1995: Exposición Virados. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta. 1991: Exposición de Pintura Coelctiva en Centro Cultural Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla). 1990: Exposición Colectiva de Pintura Hotel Macarena (Sevilla). 1990: Ornamentación y Espacio Gráfico. Galería de Arte Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla. 1990 Galería Promo-Arte (Sevilla). 1989 Galería Promo-Arte (Sevilla). 1987 Galería Promo-Arte (Sevilla).
Title of work BAHÍA

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 145 X 96


Technique, Medium & material used MIXED MEDIA, ACRILIC, GOLD AND PIGMENS

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2013

4 Comments on “Bahia by Jose Maria”

  1. Please tell us the date your painting was completed. This is an interesting mixed media, executed with sensitivity and skill. I hope to see more of your art work in the future.

  2. The transition of hues / colors and values of light rendering a soft glowing effect is well executed. and the composition is interesting and I find the subtle color and quality of the leaves effective as a compliment to the figure. I find it interesting that the hand was oversized to obscure the face and impact the overall definition of the figure.

  3. We already saw here your poetic realism, very pleasant & not out of decorative qualities, showing female figures under the moonlight & distant city lights. The novelty is the focus on this hand which becomes the dynamic element for the play of light. I observe the little insect placed upon a finger & remember it as a symbol for fleeting life in ancient painting that autumn leaves gathered may confirm. The arabesque of the body is folded up in a chaste posture enclosing everything that could be offered to desire.
    True to your style, this one brings an addition for melancholy, & soul. Interesting track..

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