by Edgar Plaute

A multicolor linocut print representing one piece of a series is depicted here.
Title of work “…and he saw that everything was very good…therefore he decided to sanctify and rest that day…”

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 30cm X 42cm

Style Abstract Expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used Linoprint

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) Sept.2013

4 Comments on “by Edgar Plaute”

  1. I love the sense of shimmering within this composition. The blue at the top of the work also resonates with the blue of the eye and the blue on the thumb bringing a focus and balance to the art work. I find many layers behind the face, within the face and at the top of the art work. It is quiet and yet very powerful! Thank you for your submission.

  2. Reminds me of the Pharaon; good sense of mystery; tempting as is, imagine the upper spiral center perfectly pointing perfectly at his third eye…extra dimension…

  3. Your work with Linocuts has evolved a great deal from ten months ago when you first experimented with the medium. This is your finest piece. it is a wonderful composition with a spiritual rhythm and a compliment of colors that vibrate with the linear flow of the piece. You have experimented, learned and persisted with this medium in the spirit of Da Vinci until your skill with the technique has released a creative reflection from within. I applaud you for your fearless determination to challenge yourself.

  4. A breakthrough from realism to over-reality but, Edgar you achieved a great piece, one of your best to that day.
    The colours are deep you have chiselled patiently, cautiously in light. Your rythmic freedom radiating from the central figure of the creator gives life to be felt. If it appears to me more symbolist than properly realist, your work is truly inspired & similar in spirit to the anonymous masters of ancient celtic arts.
    You are an example for all having pushed your medium that far -& against the stream- for the only reason you love it; “Mister Linocut”, bows!

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