Cafe a Girl with a red hat by Vered Terry

Being a stranger in a café, I did not feel right to shoot a photo simply straight forward. Hiding behind wineglasses enabled me to follow this girl losing her patience, and produced a few photos.


Title of work Café ( A girl with a red hat)

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 4.6MB

Style Expressionism figurative

Technique, Medium & material used photography

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 10.9.13

2 Comments on “Cafe a Girl with a red hat by Vered Terry”

  1. I love this very unique photograph. What an interesting illusion of light in the foreground which really captures the little girl in the red hat. An interesting contrast is the woman’s cheek and ear in the upper right hand corner leading me to thoughts of the various stages of growth she will go through! Excellent work! Thanks for your submission.

  2. Rhythmic orbs of light, distortions refracted through glass throw the focus on the subject in the background creating a concentrated focus on the subject and a place of restful space around it’s presence. The red hat and golden blouse against the dark background add to the impact of the work and the linear effect of the tablecloth adds to its depth. Well done.

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