Gabo by artist Herminia Haro Guzman

This is a portrait of my 12 year old son Gabriel, whose face is engraved in my memory.

Title of work “Gabo”

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 25cms x 26cms

Style Expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used Charcoal

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) October 2013

5 Comments on “Gabo by artist Herminia Haro Guzman”

  1. Thank you for submitting all of the information that we require for this exhibition! This is a beautiful rendering in charcoal of the child. I love the lighting and that the face fills up the space. I can feel his essence! Really well done!

  2. A full appreciation of this work asks for a larger background with the portrait set a little more off center and additional space at the top. The looseness of the background and hair are appealing and set the trend as to the treatment of the rest of the portrait. I would like to see the entire portrait executed in the same style as the hair and back ground – definite confident vibrant definition throughout would then be achieved.

  3. I love charcoals for their expressionist rendering. I regret the contrast in excess between crude light & shadows for it partly “eats” some physical characteristics of his face that could have personify him stronger. The impression is for we have two different profiles jointed. The prevalence of dark values & the restrained format gives a sensation of confinement. Like in other painterly works of yours, a “gutty” temper undoubtably conveys soul & strengh to it

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