Hurry up Dear by Stephen Kaldor

I saw this elderly couple while I was stuck at a red light. I snapped a quick shot with phone cam and filed it among my picture files. Some time later while looking for something completely different I found an earlier image of a threatening stormy sky. As I like my paintings to tell a story (or two), I combined the two images to justify my mature aged subjects hurrying to get home before the storm hit them. I have observed the unnaturally bright lights that precede an approaching storm many times but this is the first time I painted it.

Title of work “Hurry Up Dear”

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 24″ X 24″

Style Realism

Technique, Medium & material used Oil on canvas.

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2013

7 Comments on “Hurry up Dear by Stephen Kaldor”

  1. The impending storm offered more interest to the painting. You can almost feel the difficulty the couple is having in moving quickly at all. You can feel the lack of movement.

  2. Please tell us the completion date of your art work. The details of this painting are exquisitely rendered. I feel the fragility of the older couple and the story is told with the lightening and the car approaching. I hope to see more of your art work.

  3. The overall effect is very good as you portray the reality of the impending storm and the subjects concern with making it home before the storm hits. I s with your other works the technique is most confident and very well executed. Your good colors sense is and tonal values are very evident and the image is both interesting and pleasing.

  4. I value you kept the idea of a collage pre-existent in your process to finalize this work; We clearly identify zones placed side to side -subject,road,forest,sky- like a scenery. The appearently quiet suburban scene is disturbed by several threatening elements & the bending lines of your composition; you bring up the feeling for some things are about to happen in all this triteness. Clever..

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