Patiently waiting by Ruth Edward Anderson

“Patiently Waiting” Oil Painting done in Old Master Technique of Fat over Lean. 4×5′ A confident woman who is content to wait for the right man. She will not be rushed into marriage, but continue to wait.

4 Comments on “Patiently waiting by Ruth Edward Anderson”

  1. Please tell us date of completion of the painting. This is an interesting art work combining the methods of the old masters, yet with a bold and modern background. I hope to see more of your art works in the future.

  2. Technique, balance, color and composition are all plusses in the execution of this piece. The figure is a melding of a traditional masters technique on to a modern abstraction conveying a contrast of values between the two which is so much in keeping with the title. It conveys the issue of waiting into the viewers mind with clear definition and impact. Well done.

  3. This is very concise & effective. Like a traffic sign & it’s a compliment; You immediately get the idea.
    I love this realist knot of flesh goes abstract & cut out from the backgroung due to colour & free form.
    Would have been glad to see it bigger to fully enjoy the impact.Great.

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