Shop till you drop by Lesley Oldaker

Shop ’til you drop!,

Size: 265x150cm, oil on canvas, 2013

Part of a series of paintings completed at the Da Wang Cultural Highland residency programm, Shenzhen, China.

4 Comments on “Shop till you drop by Lesley Oldaker”

  1. Thank you for your submission. I appreciate your art language and your skill in using oil paint. There is an interesting tension between the buildings and the people, which I believe is caused by the larger brush strokes on the upper half of the canvas. Something akin to Cezanne’s mountains which seem to move forward in the landscape. It is interesting. I love the division of three which contributes to this strong composition.

  2. I see your entries are evolving into more color and find the touches of color in the foreground make a good lead to the color in the buildings. It is interesting how none of the bases of the buildings being visible gives them a weightless floating effect adding to the effect around the figures in the foreground. I look forward to . continuing to see your work evolve.

  3. Lesley I know your statement is about human/space relation but I can’t prevent myself from a double reading.
    A fascination for urban life you glorify -this one could absolutely fit for a clever advertising campaign- & an expressionist critic for anonimity & alienation. Maybe it’s my own projection but your title in a form of anti-slogan says it! The composition is very solid & rythmic with assumed repetition.Let’s get the canvas upside down & the composition remains but exchanging then clear values for the dark, like a negative.
    I appreciate your recent introduction for color (red), sparse, so keeping the strengh for your black & white opposition. The panoramic format fits for the scene..Simply perfect!

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