simple pen on parchment by Johnny Johnston

Abstract from live nude leaning in a stretch. Ink on parchment

Title of work LIFETIME STUDY

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 8’x10′

Style Abstract

Technique, Medium & material used ink and parchment

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 5/2013

8 Comments on “simple pen on parchment by Johnny Johnston”

  1. Eight by ten feet! This takes particular skill to upscale to this size. The art work is truly gestural and with the few lines conveys the figure and her position. Really interesting! I hope to see more of your art works.

    • Laara, Thank you so much for your fantastic comment and even though I usually paint very large works this one is very small 8″X 10″. If my post says feet it was a typo but my mistake with your comment has provided inspiration to move in that direction.

  2. Very effectual use of the placement of the figure in relationship to the overall work. Your use of emphatic lines minimally placed give the piece the spontaneity of a non posed effect. Clear, simple, not overworked and with impact describe this work in my mind. Well done.

    • Peter, my friend, I just saw this comment and wanted to thank you. I am humbled by its depth of praise for an artist so unworthy. Thank you!

  3. Arid like a desert, not yet a skeleton but exposed & devoured by white light. Only the essential remains, nervously sketched. The posture is beautiful, like offered & tight in wait.

    • Didier, you are also a wizard with words in many languages and have said about this work what I was unable. Thank you for your friendship and inspiration….More to come!

  4. Thanks Johnny! I just caught the message you directed to me and I remember your larger works. Glad you may continue with the gestural work in large scale. Most of all, I value your creative process and trust that you will find the right direction through your explorations!

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