Sumo Westling by Mike Halem

Sumo Wrestling –

Acrylic on canvas –

size 24 x 30 inches

5 Comments on “Sumo Westling by Mike Halem”

  1. Please tell us the date of completion for your art work. We do require this for our exhibition. Your art work is really excellent. I can see that you are adept at using acrylics and by your gestural brush strokes that you are accomplished and confident. I hope to see more of your art work in the future.

  2. A wonderful composition and representation of color harmony and light values make this a moving work expressing the figures in moving action while expressing a sense of gravity that holds them in balance. Just the right amount of detail in the sumo wrestlers to allow the viewer to sense the thrust of the action. I would like you to consider the emphasis you gave the two figures seated at the bottom left of the picture and ask yourself if they should become more of the background like the rest of the audience. Very good work.

  3. I would love to score this piece. I have tried to get in touch with you and others to try to determine if the pieces were completed within this year as per the qualifying requirement to be scored for the opportunity to receive an award. I try to accommodate all the artists entering the exhibition but since it is the responsibility of each artist entering the exhibition to make sure their submittal is complete we as jurors can not assume no completion date submitted means the work is within the one year parameter. Please complete the entire submittal for your next entry.

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