Vanity by Benjamin Casiano

Benjamin Casiano

Additional information:
Style – Cubist Expressionism
Completed – 2013

Titled : Selfie by Benjamin Casiano

Size: 24×30 acrylic on canvas

4 Comments on “Vanity by Benjamin Casiano”

  1. Thank you for your submission. I really like the confidence in your art work; simple clean lines, no hesitation in the painted brush strokes and the bold use of color. Also switching up the lighting on the hat; shadowy blue with the brighter yellow brings another zippy aspect to this work. Absolutely Cubist and Expressionism! And I see the vanity in her pose and her self absorption with the compact mirror. Love the one blue eye! Well done and I hope to see more of your art work.

  2. In this work, having viewed your work in other exhibitions, I am sensing the beginning of a change in your style. Could it be the Leonardo effect? This is as confident in technique, color, light values and composition as your other works but it leaves me with a more inquisitive response as to what is different here. The sense here is that your intent is more emphatic on expression and less concerned with style. Good for you and well done.

  3. You actually seems to search for something that may conciliate two directions of your work; The composition through linear drawing & your fondness for abstract colour fields. Quite an interesting way to dig in.. I value you dare it.

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