Vuccria by Antonino Gambino

The work entitled “Vucciria” is a tribute to the great Sicilian artist Renato Guttuso. A representation of the popular market in Palermo. A choice not by chance but was due to the fact that I was born in that place. Work began in 1996, resumed in 2006 and ended in April 2013 at an exhibition in memory of maestro Guttuso. Time neded to carry out the work:1.800 hours.

Title of work Vucciria is a tribute to the great Sicilian artist Renato Guttuso

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 74 x 75

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc) realism

Technique, Medium & material used wooden tarsia

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) April 2013

8 Comments on “Vuccria by Antonino Gambino”

  1. What a beautiful composition! And you are so very skilled in the use of the material; wooden tarsia. I appreciate the number of hours spent in completing this work of art. So many colors, so many vivid colors and the market place is busy and full of life. I also like that the upper view of the art work is more of a “bird’s eye view.” A slightly different figure plane. Thank you very much for your submission.

  2. My hat is off to you. To achieve such an exact likeness to Guttuso’s piece using such a medium as wood inlay is amazing in construction and color considering the difficulties in achieving these colors with wood inlays. I am amazed at the time you have donated to this work but the result certainly reflects your dedication and mastery of the medium.

  3. I was not aware this is a copy of an original work. I therefore now look at the original in comparison to your work. And, should your aim was to master copying, then this copy still lakes the depth of the original work, it is only half way there. Look at the details of the stones, veg, fish… the fine 3D of each object, the use of color/light;

    In my view, It is total waste of time copying another artist work (a) you can never claim copyright/ Authorship on it (b) you cannot trade otherwise you knowingly violate copyright (c) it does not progress you toward the ultimate goal ;discovering your unique signature.

    We all have DNA, yet for each one have a unique code, so is in art; the true goal is to look for your own signature; once you reach that point it is printed in history and will meet the test of all times.

    It is similar to searching a highest truth. You have to be very honest and have courage to look within; at that point, the movements of the brush become one with the dance of your soul.

    Now, because it is so different from your other works and since you ventured into copying a master piece and spent all that time, if you go back to your work, ;what have you studied in the process about light/color/composition that can inspire and enrich your original work ? that should be the important thing.

    Unlike copying , inspiration is the fruit of understanding principles of masterwork and allowing such principles to assist the development of our work, our unique language. With that in mind, I wish you much luck and hope to see how you progressed in the future.

  4. As an art educator, I often had students work from a Masters composition in order to learn composition. These paintings were never claimed as originals but rather they were an “Homage” to the original artist. Much can be learned from the past and then integrated into our own art language. In the end, when a work of art is created, it has a life of its own and each viewer sees what they wish to in the art. Very best wishes to all!

  5. I’m sure Antonio had no intention of misrepresenting his work as he implies it as being a tribute to Guttuso and I suggest that there is often a lack of clarity when translating any language into another, in particular when translating into English. Simply stated the fact that the work was a copy of Guttuso’s work was lost in the translation as Antonio even mentions Guttuso in the title of the work. The work can’t be scored but like those works that had no completion dates I still feel compelled to comment on the works.

  6. This work is absolutely astounding! If its not an original creation, it’s a tribute to his much estimated fellow artist Renato Guttuso & probably to his beloved city of Palerm where our friend dwells. This is no thin reverence considering the time invested & the years in learning required to be proficient.
    This a “tour de force”, a master piece, similar to those demanded from craftsmen in the past to be established free “master”. This is where the level stands.
    For all these reasons -understanding well Antonino can’t be scored- my wish goes for he be cited for honour under a special mention, out of competition.

  7. Buongiorno, volevo solo fare una osservazione, se un lavoro anche se è un “Omaggio”, viene presentato con delle vesti diverse, nel mio caso tecnica, colore, materiale, non viene considerato originale, allora tutto quello che noi artisti realizziamo non è originale perchè è copia di qualcosa già esistente

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