Working as One by Joseph Hare

Joseph Hare

“Working AS One ”

Mixed Media

Size: 11 by 14 inches water color paper

August 2013 — at Florida Horse Park

4 Comments on “Working as One by Joseph Hare”

  1. I really appreciate that this is a watercolor and that you have achieved very deep tones. The composition is well balanced, the colors are exquisite and there is a rhythm that leads us up through the jump with the horse and rider and then off of the upper right hand corner. This is achieved by less detail in the upper right hand corner. Really well done. Thank you for your submission.

  2. You are working with a very interesting medium. Corel Painter 12 allows you to choose a specific medium such as water color etc, choose a material such as paper or canvas, choose from 100 plus brushes and apply color, hues there of in an application with most all the values of a traditional technique. You have achieved very good results. Your colors and light values express strong contrasts in defining the figure and horse. Two things for you to consider in enhancing the composition; subdue the detail in the background with some atmospheric perspective and remove the tree and pole with the blue flag from the foreground. Well done, I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Joseph, you achieved a brilliant demonstration of the possibilities offered by Corel Painter. I value it both for new technology & for traditional technique handling. Though classical the composition is good seizing a quite picturesque moment, the play of light is brilliant, & the overall effect,photographic.
    Nonetheless I remain in hunger, waiting for a meeting with the artist’s sensitivity hidden behind the accomplished technician put to the test for academism. Remarkably well done though.

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