Red Lake

5 Comments on “Red Lake”

  1. Attractive colors, expressive idea moving from one reality to the other, but I was not sure how the right and left section support the idea/title except for the red color! And how the upfront tress help the title/idea! In expressionism, try to focus on the idea to make it stands out and eliminate additional elements to avoid distraction. My best wishes.

  2. A dream state with both sides moving us to the center of the piece. The geometric shapes and colors compliment the theme and the values of the hues in the center panel impact the floating figure drawing the curiosity of the viewer. I regret I can’t see this in actual size.

  3. You perfectly staged the event, preparing it within a rigorous architectural organisation. The horizontal underlining, top & bottom, the horizon line itself give the measure for immensity while the vertical rythm of the triptych focuses on the event in the central panel framed between “before” & “after” like a time sequence.
    Before, after, & simultaneous; Time is anihilated under this miraculous occurence.
    It has to be noticed the triptych format is related to medieval religious painting & here Lloyd do respect its codes;Under the horizon line is the terrestrial world, over it the skies word & the center the place for revelation & representation.
    The broad panoramic view attend to make us feel the cosmic dimension; Such an artifact & effect can be seen in ” the coronation of the Virgin” painted by Enguerrand Quarton in 1454, amongst other examples.
    I just wanted to render justice to this unusual & very attractive work bathed in northern lights.
    Thanks Lloyd…

  4. Hello Lloyd I very much like the rectangular elements in the side panels as they balance the figures in the center panel and add the quality of abstraction! Also this painting is very well suited to the theme of inner – outer. I see the figure rising from the water and her other self is in the water! Very best wishes, Laara WilliamSen

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