4 Comments on “Reverie”

  1. Excellent creation, attractive, quality work and brilliant piece of sculpture. Balancing such a angel / position in sculpture deserves the recognition. As well, working with bronze is another challenge, yet, the result is beautiful. Even the facial expression speaks the title of it “Daydream”.

  2. I’m sensitive to your dynamic & daring composition evoking much a plant growth or a capricious root, wondering if the figure is covered in a dress or a bark.
    Maybe did you figure out the slow awakening of nature spirit still enclosed & waiting for spring ?
    The traditional plinth fits well, adding to ancient object of art or “curiosity” status.

  3. A clasical work, rythmical and flowing. I regret i can not view this work from all sides. This piece defies gravity and certainly defines the title. The base flows into the figure whose lines lead us to focus on the upper torso and face. An execise we repeat and repeat as the beauty of the work holds our eyes.

  4. Hello Ivan. Your technique and skill in working with Cold cast bronze is really excellent. The details on the sculpture and subject matter are also very powerful and realistic! Wonderful art work. I wish you much success in all you do, Sincerely Laara WilliamSen

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