Terra Incognita

Maps that are revealing the shapes, or unknown routes, which in turn are discovering other deeper footprints that we had never dreamed of come to recognize.”Terra Incógnita”: unknown terrain, marked very within the self, as passages of time inside.
The “Terra Incognita” Series, is a work in progress,my current Series; and the work I sent is part of it. These small mixed media works, are done on paper, with natural fibers ,pencil charcoal and pastel, as well as Brazilian white sand.

“Maps unveiling forms, or new routes, which will uncover newer and deeper imprints in ourselves that we had never dreamed of discovering.

Maps to the Unknown, “Terra Incognita” Unknown territories, imprinted deep inside our beings, as passages of inner time.”

..Is generally speaking about the difficult process of detachment which we all sooner o later have to go through during our lives.

How consciousness slowly awakes in all and lead us through different paths, unveiling and discovering new ones in the process.

4 Comments on “Terra Incognita”

  1. Very interesting idea and thought that is well expressed in this painting. Even the selected colors are not so definite or loud but mellow as the unknown terrain is only discovering itself with time. The confusion of lines in all directions correspond beautifully with the title. Good job and keep feeding your rich imagination. I wish I knew what media is was!!

  2. The image of the abstracted face holds one’s attention while the imagination wanders in a timeless journey through the work. The fading of the cool colors into the warm background complimented by the linear segments give this work a subtle rythm that enhances the composition and hold the attention of the viewer.
    Well done Lucia.

  3. Topography, satellite view or worn wall maybe, bearing time tracks, scratches & mosses. Your restrained palette sets up a tender & meditative atmosphere. I appreciate much your mix of paint & material deposits in order to set up the composition in a complementary way; The lattest gives the natural appearance while your traced lines underline & sustain. The square format stenghten it all.
    Would definately like to see more from you there, thanks.

  4. Hello Lucia

    I really appreciate the linear and the variety of textures in your “Terra Incognita” composition. The forms have a quality of mystery and depth while the lines offer the viewer stable pathways to the unknown. I am happy you are working on a series! I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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