Why Me

.. when fate strikes extremely hard … symbolically lost half his face … symbolically blinded in one eye … shout and quarrel with God … “Why me?” … internal and external emptiness … inside and outside of endless space … “Why Me?” …

5 Comments on “Why Me”

  1. The idea in of this artwork is expressive only in writing, but is not as expressive in the artwork itself. Since there is such emotional thoughts of inner and outward in oneself quarrelling with God, the artwork should have been strongly, motivating whether in lines, colors or, facial expression, but I could not see either. Try to visualize your thoughts and what you feelabout your idea for longer time, in order to be able to express it in drawing/painting effectively.

  2. I always loved woodcuts, & linos as well that sometimes looks very close in appearance.
    Her fixed & intense looks, her tensed face betray well her inner emotions; Anger & revolt.
    Such an expressionist theme & strong emotions would have deserve increased strengh in the treatment.

  3. An iteresting work and a medium we don’t see often. Lino cut prints require the artist to work with the understanding that the uncut lino accepts the ink while the cut aquires the color of the paper. I am intrigued that you have added color and fully exposed one eye to represent your comment on the piece. I would also like to see the piece done in reverse with the dark color representing the cuts and the light color accepting the ink so the piece would be predominantly dark with a blue eye. The two images together would make a great statement.

  4. Hello Edgar I appreciate your submission this month. Thank you! I found the art work very intriguing as part of the face is missing. Also that is it a lino cut makes me aware of the skill and technique you have to create this. I found the overall composition quite strong. Best wishes to you! Laara WilliamSen

  5. … ich kenne diese Frau sehr gut … nachdem sie die Diagnose erfuhr verlor der gewohnte Glanz ihrer persönlichen Erscheinung ihr halbes Gesicht und ihr halbes linkes Auge, das aus dem grauen Gesicht heraus starrte … mit dem Herzen konnte man das deutlich sehen …
    … mir ist bewusst, dass sich das mit dem Internet nicht ausreichend übertragen lässt … das Internet hat kein Herz …

    in my English:

    … I know this woman very good … after she heard the diagnosis lost the usual splendor of her personal appearance half her face and half her left eye, staring out from the gray face … with the heart that one could clearly see …
    … I realize that the Internet can not be transferred to the sufficient … the internet has no heart …

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