3 Finestres ( 3 Windows)

4 Comments on “3 Finestres ( 3 Windows)”

  1. This piece works from any angle creating an excellent light dark contrast and color balance that sparks an interest in viewing the piece from all sides. The space within and without create a feeling of movement that draws on the viewers imagination. The windows balance the piece and give one a sense of size beyond its dimensions.

  2. Your mastery of volumes & space geometry gives your work lots of coherence & mightyness. In additional quality you play quite well with dynamism.
    If your dark but subtle glazing unifies your multi-directional plans to the solid appearance of a rock, I wonder if they should not stand a few polychromy trials – Just to see; This suggestion mainly aims at making myself interesting so much your work speaks by itself. Congratulations.

  3. Hello Merca, Thank you for your submission this month. I found your sculpture in ceramic to be very well balanced and I am aware of the high level of skill required to complete this ceramic. Congratulations on achieving the very earthy colors and contrasting tones in your sculpture! The negative spaces are well integrated with the whole piece! I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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