Monthly theme exhibition 2014

Globalization icas logoMONTHLY THEMED EXHIBITIONS 2014 –  Open to all members

Meet our Executive Team

 Theme exhibition committee 2014

Peter Filzmaier – Florida & Didier Dubuy – Paris to provide on going support and assistance to the newly form quarterly changing theme committee

  1. Herminia Haro – Peru; 

  2. Edgar Plaute -Austria;  

  3. Mercia Pla i Blage – Spain; 

  4. Vered Terry –  Israel;

  5. Benjamin Casiano – New York; 

  6. Johnny Johnston – San Antonio, Texas;  

  7. Mike Helem – San Diego;  

  8. Lucia Gomez – Columbia;  

  9. Usha Shantharam – India;  

  10. Susie Krieser – Los Angeles; 

  11. Antonino Gamgino – Italy; 

  12. Pablo Hernadez –  Florida;  

  13. Puskin EH – India;

  14. Jelica Culafic – Serbia.

Thank you for your hard work in organizing our monthly themed exhibitions, this is truly rewarding when collectively we get together to develop ideas for the future of our Organization.

The theme exhibitions has given us an opportunity to introducing our own Face book page, our online website and now Google website were all the contribution and lovely work by members could be shared with not only with members but open to prospects  of admirers of Art and buyers around the World.

We would like to thank all the members who have positively supported our exhibitions; I cannot emphasis the importance of our achievement, therefore encourage all  members waiting to participate to start by registering today. These experiences are like an open day at the studio for each artist’s except here you are sharing your work with members globally. The bonus for your participation is that each artist will receive positive comments for their work from panel of International artists/ art critics and perhaps your future admirers and buyers of your work. And be rewarded for Best in the Show to join our list of GICAS group of artists in jointly exhibitions in our partnership galleries program. GO LUCK TO YOU ALL

These are the following themes programmed for next three months working around the concepts of SIMPLICITY we look forward to all the wonderful work presented for each exhibition.

  1. February  –     “DANCE”

  2. March –           “SELF PORTRAIT”

  3. April –              “PEACE”

Our Panel of International Jurors

1.     Mona Youssef – Canada; International realism artist

2.     Laara Williamsen – Canada; International abstract artist

3.     Renee Sigel – Switzerland; Conceptual Analyst, Essayist, Art & Literary Critic, Editor, Publisher.

4.     Carole Murphy – USA; Sculptor and President at Pacific Northwest Sculptor’s Assoc..,

5.     Renata Panizzieri – Italy; Art Historian – Art Critic – Art Journalist

6.     Peter Filzmaier – USA;       Artist

7.    Didier Dubuy – France;   Antiques business, Owner.

 We are proud to confirm new members who join our above list of panel of jurors. Their each brings different experiences and expertise to compliment the panel. 

  1. Nectar Soliman – Australia; – Freelance event producer 

  2. Cathy Breslaw – San Diego, USA; – visual artist, writer, lecturer

  3. Ranjan Munshi – India / USA;  – President Billionaire RD Mentreprise

  4. Ted Barr – Israel; – founder, deep space painter, teacher of FLY art workshops

  5. Mary Karlton – San Francico, USA;Professional      Writer (member of Editcetera), Marketing Consultant, and Fine Artist

  6. Pauline Thomas – UK; – Wallscapes Fine Art

  7. Omar Holquin – USA; – Executive Director and  Art Consultant

  8. Pri Ya Chen – UK; – Author, Inventor, Coach,  Yogi

We request all members to join our Organisation’s FACEBOOK & GOOGLE simply by clicking your LIKE button or circling as your friends during your next visit to our social networking websites

Globalization icas logo

Sunil Vilas

Sunil Vilas England UK

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

We welcome comments and feedback from members if you have other suggestion kindly add your views

  • reine mazoyer                       

    reine mazoyer  France

    peintre -plasticienne , travaille dans mon atelier

    What do I have to do to participate to your exhibitions ? I don’t understand how it works…

  • Sunil Vilas                                           

    Sunil Vilas England UK

    Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

    Good morning Reine thank you for your reply, If you could kindly complete our registration and submit your works following the process. The work has to be around the theme for that month plus work has to be completed in the last twelve months.., Good Luck Take advantages of participating in our Monthly theme exhibition free open to all members. Designed to assist artists to have their work commented by internationally renowned panel of artist’s and a platform to best promote globally attached link to register!!

  • reine mazoyer                       

    reine mazoyer – France

    peintre -plasticienne , travaille dans mon atelier

    Thank you, Sunil for the info’s. what pictures has to be represented on the form: has this photo to be related to one of the 3 themes, ( dance, self portrait, peace) or s it goo to present a picture for each theme? thank you for your help. Reine

  • Suzanne Southerton                       

    Suzanne Southerton  – Salisbury , UK.

    Fine Artist, figurative-abstract

    hi Sunil, I am working on a commission at the moment: a young ballet dancer.  i am in a quandary as to whether i should enter it, as my personal work is abstract, also inspired by dance and music…  hmm…

  • Siddony Kalair                       

    Siddony Kalair London UK


    Sounds amazing!

  • Sunil Vilas                                           

    Sunil Vilas England UK

    Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

    Welcome to Reine, Suzanne and Siddony I made this comment in another topic of discussion and believe to be relevant here too!!! Therefore add my comments in response to any question that may arise to cover some of your concerns.., What makes our online monthly theme exhibitions unique is that we have design our program to suit the development for each artists whereby the panel of International jurors would score each artwork, award points on merits for each monthly theme exhibition, thereby select the top 20 scoring artworks.., And finally the jurors complete their task by commenting on each work therefore giving the artists five different opinions on their work.., so each month I would recommend that each artists check to find out if their work meet the criteria ..To all artists that are selected, Congratulation now use these opportunity to progress your artwork in developing your own individual style and technique..,
    Have a nice day!!!

  • vered terry                       

    Vered Terry    Israel

    Fine Art Painter

    Reine, next theme is “dance” . The other 2 are for next months. The general idea is “simplicity” for all three themes.

  • reine mazoyer 

    reine mazoyer     Paris, France

    peintre -plasticienne , travaille dans mon atelier

    thank you Sunil.

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