artist Benjamin Casiano The Tango

I love music and dancing. Personally one of the greatest contributions from Argentina is The Tango. A dance seen worldwide today.

Title of work The Dance

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 18 x24

Style: expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used watercolour

Date: 2011

2 Comments on “artist Benjamin Casiano The Tango”

  1. A happy feel good painting, vibrant warm and inviting, full of emotion. I love the bold use of colour and limited detail. The artist has perfectly captured the emotion within the dancers. The couple with close embrace, content, fully engrossed and totally unaware of their surrounding…. wonderful!

  2. This is another depiction of oneness but both the love inside and embrace that is natural physical unity. But again merging of both souls that creates the Dance formally or informally. The rhythem is at the Center Stage.

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