artist Edgar Plaute image 3

Original Linolschnitt, Linoldrucke vorerst in mehreren Farben möglich, solange der Linolschnitt nicht verkauft ist

Title of work “Flamenco” Original Linolschnitt

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 42*50 cm

Style: Figurative abstract

Technique, Medium & material used mehrfarbiger Linolschnitt

Date: February 2014

2 Comments on “artist Edgar Plaute image 3”

  1. The theme of the dance is represented by a stylized female figure that in a few strokes, and thanks to red on black and white, expresses the passion, the joy of life and the strength of the movement of the dance chosen by the artist: the tango.
    Good ability of the technique of linocut, bright work with composition and balance, in my opinion, to be improved.

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