artist Garth Bayley Creating Choreography

A lot of my work is inspired by movement. I like drawing from the figures in action as this one was . I sat in the corner of a live dace class and took quick drawing notes which were then used by the choreographer to talk to the students about his ideas. this bring 2D in to a £d movement filled work. Creating a point of discussion and point of interest.

Title of work Creating Choreography

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 26 x 36 cm

Style: expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used Oil on Canvas

Date: 2013

2 Comments on “artist Garth Bayley Creating Choreography”

  1. I am very impressed with this artwork. In particular how the limited colour palette and brush strokes/technique have produced such excellent movement and interest within the painting. Excellent work!

  2. I like this work, the artist selection of colors creates a wonderful contrast with the dancer, the artist was able to capture the dance movement of the subject beautifully.

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