artist Jelica Culafic

A quick drawing of my friend ‘in motion’.

2 Comments on “artist Jelica Culafic”

  1. The artists write up specifies the entry is a quick sketch. Although only a quick sketch the artist has captured both movement and emotion within the drawing. The individual within the sketch can be visualised as a confident woman, content within her body, without inhibition. Well done!
    However it must be noted that there has been difficulty with the presentation of the artwork. Excess light levels during photography followed by automatic contrast of the image has given rise to large areas being overly contrasted. This has lead to loss of image quality and detail in certain areas. Care needs to be taken during photography, or alternatively scanning of the sketches to ensure the artwork can be viewed to its full potential in future.

  2. Motion; Yes. But Dance? The wholeness and Beauty of The Dance! On one hand we think of Cosmic Dance ; on the other pure etereal; Physical; The Theme is really enchanting; Painting should have fit in .
    Nothing Quick when you participate. But your painting deserves certain compliments as a piece of art as you have perceived.

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