artist Joseph Hare My take of Zinnia dancing in the wind

My take of zinnia dancing in the wind with such vivid color and flow. print and for sale

Title of work Dance Of The Zinnia

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 13 by 19 inches

Style Expressionism

Technique, Medium & material used Digital Painting Water Color Paper
Date: January 2014

3 Comments on “artist Joseph Hare My take of Zinnia dancing in the wind”

  1. A mysterious, mystical dancing figure can be seen within the image. The painting has good use of colour and fluidity and is also well presented. However I feel that the digital painting technique is overly evident. The background (green areas) are merely an extension of the figure itself with exception to colour base, which causes the image to lack a little depth. I feel further painting of the background area would have brought forward your wonderful floating, mystical dancer to the forefront of the artwork, giving rise to a more overall powerful finish.

  2. Wonderful selection of color, the artwork comes alive. It would have been interesting to have seen this work in an oil or acrylic, curious to know about the creative process of this artwork? Clearly the photo manipulation of a digital print are evident. Otherwise the artist take of Zinnia dancing in the wind is well executed.

  3. The most natiural curves that creates a dance movement; beautifully caught on canvas. The balace is superb; composition and color wise.The perspective is total depiction of `The Play Of Wind” ; several zooming we witness around us; they creates inner vibrations; reminds me of “Dance Of Shiva”; The cosmic Dance that perpetuates and destroy that come into being. Bravo.

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