artist Reine Mazoyer

i am an artiste plasticienne since my studies in beaux art school of Saint Etienne France, my works are about memories of events, with simple colours and shapes. my lasts works have been an installation in the museum Allard of Montbrison, about” spirit of childhood” you can see on my website my different periods of work. the painting i send you to day has also been done in a bigger size: 3m/1m50. i am a professional artist since 1970 and have been exhibiting my works in France, Europe, UK, states and china.

Title of work dance of the elements

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 967cm/40cm

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc) figuration libre

Technique, Medium & material used gouache flash vinyl on paper

Date: January 2014

2 Comments on “artist Reine Mazoyer”

  1. Vibrant, energising. Excellent use of colour and movement. I am sure that this painting at 3 metres is very impressive. However the presentation of the artwork is poor due to lack of cropping, which unfortunately affects the overall initial impact. This can easily be rectified in future submissions.

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