artist Stephen Kaldor image 1

Title – Tug of War
Size – 20 X 14 cm
Medium – Oil on canvas.
Completed 2014.

“There is a park near where I live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and I often walk there. Early one Sunday morning I saw this group of young people playing the ancient game of tug of war and having a great time.

The unconscious choreography of the straining bodies reminded me of a scene in Walt Disney’s Fantasia where the hippopotami wearing banana frilled tutus dancing a ballet. It struck a cord in me and I took a few quick shots with my phone camera. As soon as I got home I did some free hand oil sketches,( one of which I am including here) and later I painted this small painting.

The young people had fun and so did I painting them. I just hope that some of their exhilaration comes through in this work.”

2 Comments on “artist Stephen Kaldor image 1”

  1. Very Good Presentation.Combining images into real expressionism is really mastery. Bravo

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