artist Vered Terry Wind

A while ago a bushfire severely burnt the valley I’ve been painting for years. It was then I realized how I humanized nature and how I identified with it. I moaned these neighbours and friends, I could not work for months. Then I held myself together and went out to document and paint the stripped valley with its corpses of trees and ashes. Then winter came alone with her rains and new green, trees came out from the dead and started new lives. For the “Dance” theme I drew the almost naked trees dancing with the wind. I looked at them and saw they were celebrating. I drew with pencil on paper to make it simple. (original pencil drawing on paper, )

Title of work Wind

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 29X36cm

Style Realism

Technique, Medium & material used pencil on paper

Date: 2.2.14

3 Comments on “artist Vered Terry Wind”

  1. The pencil sketch artwork is based on the effects of the bushfire and subsequent regrowth on an area where the artist often works. The stark empty feel of the work has captured the after effects and devastation of the bush fire very well. The use of pencil has been an excellent choice, deepening the viewers vision further. However new growth also appears on tips of trees, a glimmer of hope and a sign of better times ahead. The artwork has cleverly captured a moment in time, a junction between the crippled landscape and the fertile lands of the future. Excellent.

  2. I feel very poetic and interesting the choice to represent the theme of the dance by the Nature with the rhythmed dialogue of the trees with the wind.
    An attentive and careful work that manifests a great artistic sensibility and that recalls almost an old photograph in a black and white shot. Excellent technical and compositional skills. Congratulations!

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