artist Yosef Reznikov ballet

This work is one of a series of works executed in this technique. All work is original and very picturesque.

Title of work Composition- Ballet- variant #2

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 80x60cm

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc) abstract

Technique, Medium & material used mixed technics

Date: 01.2014

2 Comments on “artist Yosef Reznikov ballet”

  1. Wonderful use of colour. Beautiful dancers can be seen hidden behind a curtain of colour and pattern. However I feel from viewing the image that the mass of pattern has to some extent made difficulty in appreciating the undeniable quality of the work beneath. The artists description specifies the use of mixed techniques and it would have been beneficial to have further documentation of techniques involved to understand the production process further along with close up images of the artwork to fully appreciate the beautiful intricate nature of the work.

  2. One of the finest contribution in this exhibition; your art sense is superb; your curves and strokes are eye catching; your color splash is linear but appealing; your balance is almost perfect. Bravo.

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