The Dancer by Christine A. Allan

Original art by Christine A. Allan. Young people have so many things in thier life, but are craving love.

Title of work The Dancer

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 16″ x 20″

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc) abstract figurative

Technique, Medium & material used mixed media on cradle board with gold leaf and crystals

Date: 2014

1 Comments on “The Dancer by Christine A. Allan”

  1. Perfect choice of colours and technique for this sultry, sensuous painting…. much more than a mere dancer. The addition of the gold leaf and crystals has added a touch of glamour and richness both to the paintings appearance and the identity of the individual. The painting portrays a hidden, strong and mysterious woman, hiding her identity by night. Leading ones imagination to a double identity of the prim and proper intellectual individual by day and the sensual , passionate woman of the night. Excellent!

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