Artist Alayne Abrahams

The original matted and framed painting is part of a 10 painting series of multicultural children from around the globe in a eutopian Pink Moon Universe where there is equality and peace for all. This was the first painting completed in this series. So far, eight of the 10 pieces are complete.

Title of work Pink Moon Princess

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 14 inches X 20 inches

Style Realism

Technique, Medium & material used Watercolor

Date work was completed 2013

3 Comments on “Artist Alayne Abrahams”

  1. This is well executed composition with balance and counter balance enhanced by the flow of the hair, the value of light and the transparency of colors indicative of the water color medium. The face is beset with emotion and beautiful tonal values making this a wonderful work..

  2. Thank you for your submission and I am very happy to hear that this is a series of multicultural children. Pink Moon Universe is a perfect title for this series that reflects equality and peace. It would be interesting to see the series. Your intention is achieved within this Innocent painting. I look forward to seeing more of your art work.

  3. It would be very interesting to the see the rest of the series to get some contrast and similarities between the various paintings. The intention of the artist cannot really be gleaned from just one image. The use of tone is strong

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